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Spring Hill Air Conditioner

Maintenance guide for your air conditioner during the spring

Spring is a hectic time, but you should not forget the regular maintenance of your air conditioner during the spring. If you fail to take care of the AC, you may have to face several problems in the summers. Local air conditioning companies remain busy during the summers, thus it is better to hire a professional AC repair technician in the spring for regular maintenance and service of your air conditioner. Click on http://www.springhillairconditioner.com/.  Maintenance guide given here will help you to take care of the air conditioner during the spring to enjoy a cool atmosphere in your home during the summers.



  • It is important to inspect the surroundings of the air conditioner. Remove the shrubs and weeds that have grown around the outside unit.


  • Check the air filter. Replace the old air filter with a new one if necessary. An air filter of the air conditioner should be replaced after every three months in the offseason.


  • Check the thermostat. If it is not set properly, set it on the desired temperature.


  • Check the Freon level in the air conditioner. If you feel that the Freon level is low, call an AC repair technician to fill in the Freon in the air conditioner for its optimum functioning.